As we made our initial entry into the Steel City, I admitted knowingly that I had been to Pittsburgh before.  Actually, since I was in Pittsburgh last, 40 or so years have come and gone. And I don’t think we ever really drove right through, but bypassed it on the highway as we headed for Youngstown, Ohio.  My mom was born in Youngstown, and while she lived there at times in her life, she left for more permanent roots in Queens, NY.  She also left behind some great aunts, uncles and cousins,  that we visited often throughout my childhood and even once in 2007 – like it was old times. But Pittsburgh was just an exit on the highway, I guess, because I didn’t remember all the yellow bridges that criss-cross the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers that make a giant “Y” at the Ohio.  Or the tunnels through mountains that make the city accessible.  It’s a very cool place.

YoungstownHere I am with cousin, Lisa, (left).  I also  have cousins in McKees Rocks, right outside of Pittburgh – recently acquired fact.

Spring Market was the purpose of our trip to Pittsburgh this time and for real.  It was about eight hours driving, which is about my limit for handwork in one sitting.  I had packed numerous projects and am happy to say I finished the last stitches on my lollypop trees appliques and and binding on Irene’s NYC/TimesSquare quilt.  We missed a day at the store, but work continued well into the drive, with a short stop at the Julian, PA  P.O. to send Irene’s quilt east again.


We did some shopping and socializing – about even this  time, because we didn’t need that much, so we could really  relax and just scout for new ideas. (My head is full at the moment.)

Patricia&PokeyOur first stop:  Art Gallery Fabrics.  You may recognize Pokey Bolton from Quilting Arts (left).  The designer of Art Gallery is on the right.  The girl (Patricia Bravo) and her designs are on fire!

WalterWritingNotice Walter’s grin.  It isn’t because of our ‘huge’ order, but Stu joking around (out of frame).  There’s my favorite acid green and brown print on the table.The fabrics, if you’re wondering, will be arriving in the months to follow.  We also ordered lots of Kokka, which will also be available at the shop and online.



GiantYThis was a phenomenal sight and sound.  A waterfall of the two rivers merging.

YellowBridgeWestminster is always an important stop on our visits to Market.  Jennifer was chatting with another designer when I shot this, and Nancy took a moment to give us one of her (many) good sides.

JPLove the new, softer color schemes.  I know I’ll be working with them shortly.


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