When the computer doesn’t cooperate

I look good.  I tried to post all three topics in one, but the photos wouldn’t move.  So I am continuing to load the myriad of pictures that I’ve taken this week, documenting the flurry of activity around the shop and elsewhere. Molly Tango Foundation Mothers’ Day Luncheon was a success with about 60 books sold and the auction of Molly’s Story Quilt. The Ridgefield Press had given us a front-page spot in print and online and the feedback was phenomenal.  I got an”Aloha” email all the way from Hawaii: Kona Bay Fabrics president: thanks, Doug.

Here are a few shots from a great event.

luncheonThe ballet theme says “Molly.”


Lots of Ridgefield retailers donated merchandise to raise money at the luncheon.

bookposterTerrieSigningAnd thanks to Brittany for her help collecting the donations.

Later that evening…what a celebration!  

cakeAnd for Mother’s Day I received a very special gift: Meals4Moms.  Thanks, Ally.


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