I shall return…

The week we spent in Israel was too quick, of course, but most fabulous! Views, tastes, people, sounds and some of the most torrential rains of Israeli Winter. And don’t forget inspiration. Often, what we gain most from travel is a change of viewpoint, or at least an easing of it.   The days ahead will reveal that of course, but a brief look at the recent gorgeous past.

Rosh Pinah balcony: Looking toward the Sea of Galilee

cabinbreakfastcaesariasunsetcolorfulpuddleA quilt, maybe?

New fabric from Westminster, Free Spirit arrived on Monday.  Stay tuned!


One thought on “I shall return…

  1. Is this where we are having dinner on Saturday? We can’t wait!
    The blog looks great! So many great things happening at the shop, too! It looks like it will be a lovely day here which means I may not make it into the city today- time to spend some one on one with my horse… but I will make it into the shop this afternoon to get some fabric for a new twin quilt I’m designing and to drop off the trimmed quilt I long-armed for you.
    Hope the show at FIT is a success!

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