Our Gammill is here!

This is the story…gammillcowlesgammillframegammillframe2gammillframeup



gammillmachineupgammillfirstthread11gammillpowerI won’t bore you with the five hours of training that followed, that is still not all the training involved.

Brian, our guide, was very patient with his trainees, even on only a couple of hours of sleep the night before.  He and Stu had gotten up at 6am to drive an hour west to the freight warehouse.  There was no forklift for our delivery that day.  So they delivered it themselves,  all 1100 pounds of it, pulling pieces of crating wood from its staples to uncover the welded steel beauty of our 14 foot frame, one piece at a time.

Brian is an assembly expert and in no time, it was standing, waiting for the mother ship to land.  I can’t believe after a full day, he proceeded to return to Vermont, five hours away that evening.  He left our heads spinning with instructions, which we are now unraveling at a steady pace.  A hefty thank you to Julie Cowles who orchestrated this in record time from headquarters in Vermont.  You’re the best!

The quilts have started to arrive and we are on it.

If you want hand guided artistry applied to your quilt top, the Quilter’s Alley is the place.


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