Tuesday on Martha

Susie Flynn and I visited the Martha Stewart Show. We spent a good half-hour waiting on line.  The advice to “dress to impress”  which comes with your email confirmation was taken very seriously by the girl behind us.  Her five-inch heels were too much for walking in the city, but she donned them as we waited to go inside to the show.  


Dressing to impress at the last second
Dressing to impress at the last second

 Susie and I took pictures of one another to remember the day.  I included this one to save space and to demonstrate how psychic Susie is.( Notice what Martha is wearing below.)
These are shots as we inched our way up the line and through security.


Larger than Life


Aqua is the color of the day
Aqua is the color of the day



The Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond was featured with some gorgeous Thread Velvet. (You can see a sliver of the Designer Diamond behind Martha.) We were on the Cooking Side of the set.  Diane Lane was the guest and she’s gorgeous too.  We had lots of fun under the lights and dodging the camera-on-the-crane. (Technical term) We received a book on survival, some Martha mags and a voucher for her new Embroidery Collection.

Then we took a walk to the (delightful) City Quilter which hosts the most inspiring collection of fabrics outside of our own.(if I say so myself) Kathy, the owner, made us feel at home and Judy Doenias popped up between classes.  What a surprise for me!  Judy taught at our store about a year ago and I’m trying to convince her to do another round. They brought us downstairs to see the floorcloths they’re working on,  and we had a chance to meet Kathy’s business partner at his computer (also downstairs) her husband! Stu and I are not the only couple who can work together successfully, but I’d love to share stories with Kathy.


Kathy (blinking) & Dale
Kathy (blinking) & Dale

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