Remember to Breathe

Elizabeth Rosenberg taught her spectacular Free Motion Without Fear course at the Quilter’s Alley yesterday. It’s always a pleasure to have her in the shop.  The quilts she brought to show students are testimony to her free-motion quilting and design talent. Throughout the day she repeated “Remember to breathe,”  among other cute comments as students tensed up in an effort to make perfect designs. I love her don’t-be-afraid attitude while you make friends with your sewing machine. The students left asking for more (even) after 6 hours of rigorous classwork.  Thanks Elizabeth!  Check out her blog.


Demonstrating a Design
Taking interest in a student
Practice, Practice, Practice
Practice, Practice, Practice


Amazing in person

Amazing in person


2 thoughts on “Remember to Breathe

  1. Hi Roxanne! I had such a good time teaching at your shop last weekend! The ladies were great, and you were so welcoming and considerate . . . I can’t wait ’till next time!

    Thanks for the lovely “review”!

    See you soon! Love, Elizabeth

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