I’ve lived in the area now for almost five years, three of which have been exclusively focused on our store. You have to do that with an infant business.  But she’s grown, so recently I’ve been able to think a bit of my life beyond the store.  My own artwork, relaxing on my very rare days off, spending time with friends.  I’ve probably passed the Wilton Historical Society buildings a thousand times on my way to errands hither and yon.  But the quilt show opened yesterday and I wanted to see how the pieces they requested from my collection are exhibited. Well, wow.  It’s like I have a whole wall in the museum, right when you enter this beautiful old room.  Quilts are all around, but I “look right” first out of habit possibly and my coat is welcoming me with open arms.   This is my third art coat. THe first one I made I wear all the time in the cool weather (they’re quilted, of course).  The second coat I made (it’s a long story but…) I sent to Oprah Winfrey and it is somewhere in the universe, but where?  The brown coat hanging in the museum is my third.  It is made from various pieces of fabric that are hand woven, printed, Guatemalan, wool and cotton, all in shades of brown. There are several other pieces of my art quilting with them on that wall. Thank you Wilton Historical Society, Andrea and Barbara for your hospitality. We spent a good hour roaming the( maze of) three buildings, eventually caught up with a museum guru and exited feeling awash with textile history and as dumb as dirt for not having know about this amazing resource in my back yard.  Everyone should go.  If you love textiles, trains, toys, history…GO!  (Let me just say: “The doll houses…”)



Next up:  Hello San Gennaro and so long to David


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