So much to catch up on

So  much has been going on here that I realize  I have lots to report.

First the illustrations are complete and better, I have found my painting muse again, to the point that I am observing the world as subject matter.  After the last painting, I cleaned my palette which has been with me for many years.  I notice how rusted-ish it has gotten, but it is such a momento of past work and I will just keep refilling its little pockets with color.  I ordered myself a copy of Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Catalog which was my primary resource when I painted constantly.  So many of the tubes have dried up from years of dormancy and now I need to replenish some of my favorites.

Looks like gouache, but mostly watercolors.

With that, the season of dyed wool is upon us and I have cooked up my first batch.  I’m quite pleased.

Start sewing series  had a successful second session. The patchwork table runner was completed in one session, although it was a bit hectic.  Everyone agreed that they could handle finishing a project in two sessions if necessary.

Our fastest skirt making customer came by to get more fabric.  She’s really on a roll, but I also think she’s 
“hooked” as in “bitten by the sewing-your-own-clothes bug.”  (See Primary School)

Finally, I’ve made the decision to tediously restart my Lollypop Tree block, by pulling the first one apart. But now I can.


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