Sew, but don’t stop blogging.

We are all in the same craft boat with our doubts, insecurities, lack of time, multiple interests.  I, for one, am so sad, in my isolated creative space,  that so many blogs are going away. Blogs I’ve grown attached to. It’s like the blog is just another craft project. that is finally finished.  Are any of you out there noticing this trend?  But people need to hear what you-all-too-busy-to-blog people have to say and what you are making to keep us all feeling okay about what we do. 

Now a yahoo list I just joined about a week ago… this is spooky!

I know there are still many of us out there, online, flickr, blogging, but I’m afraid I’m losing heart myself, with all the “endings.”  Something cheerful to close…




2 thoughts on “Sew, but don’t stop blogging.

  1. Really? I hadn’t noticed this trend. But then again, I’m finding less time to read my favorite blogs. I just returned from a trip and have so much blogging catching up to do! Check out my scavenger hunt 🙂

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